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Consulting & Advocacy - IEP and 504 Plans

Apple Patch offers school-based IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and 504 Plan consultation & advocacy to parents & caregivers.   Every minute a child in need spends without appropriate services, intervention & remediation opportunities are lost, & recovery becomes more difficult.


We can help you gain control of your child's  academic development by cutting through bureaucracy, explaining  confusing terminologies, & educating on expectations, measurements, & accountability.

Speech and language therapy for teens.
Speech and language therapy for teens.
Speech and language therapy for teens.

What we can do:

  • Meet with you & your child to discuss his/her evaluation results prior to the school meeting

  • Discuss the IEP or the 504 process, differentiate between the two plans, & set expectations from parties involved

  • Review paperwork & discuss potential gaps between actual services received versus what is documented

  • Provide comprehensive parental input assistance throughout the process

  • Attend staff meetings with you for support & providing a second voice for your child

  • Provide recommendations for adjusting documentation as needed

  • Help ensure that services & needed accommodations are consistently & effectively provided according to your child's specific needs

Consulting - Assistive Technology, AAC

We also offer consulting & support for existing  technology, augmentative communication, and solutions for communication.  From eligibility, selection, acquisition, to implementation - our experts can help advise on the process and habit-to-skill development for improved communication.

Speech and language therapy for teens.
Speech and language therapy for teens.
Speech and language therapy for teens.

What we offer:

  • Provide screening & evaluation to determine the need for & type of assistive device

  • Guide you through the process of obtaining a device & getting funding, where applicable

  • Assist in device programming & functional support

  • Direct instruction or therapy for individuals & students learning to use assistive technology or augmentative communication

  • Develop a practice & daily routine to fully integrate your device across various settings & activities

  • Assist in getting the family, school staff, & household involved to effectively interact with the assistive device

Contact us to discuss how we can guide and empower you through the process.

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Phone: (407) 900-5313  

Fax: (888) 972-5443


1858 North Alafaya Trail, Ste 207,

Orlando, FL 32826

Orlando Speech Therapy

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